Progressive Cavity Pump Curves

Liberty Process Progessive Cavity Pump Curves

Listed below are .pdf representations of the pump performance curves for all the Liberty Process Pumping solutions that Liberty Process Equipment currently represents. We are adding these curves to our electronic downloads as time permits. If you don't see your curve below please feel free to contact your Liberty Process Equipment representative today.

Pump Performance Curves

Liberty Series

Millennium Series

Justice Series

Freedom Series

  • Freedom 2FFL2 Series Curves
  • 2FFL2
  • Freedom 2FFL13 Series Curves
  • 2FFL13
  • Freedom 2FFL45 Series Curves
  • 2FFL45
  • Freedom 2FFL53 Series Curves
  • 2FFL53
  • Freedom 2FFL65 Series Curves
  • 2FFL65
  • Freedom 2FFL76 Series Curves
  • 2FFL76

Metering & Dosing Series

  • ML Series Curves
  • 2ML1    3ML1    6ML1    6ML2
  • ML Curves Continued
  • 6ML3    6ML4    2ML8

SWGL Series

  • SWGL10H Series Curves
  • 1SWGL10H
  • 2SWGL10H
  • 3SWGL10H
  • SWGL12H Series Curves
  • 1SWGL12H
  • 2SWGL12H
  • 3SWGL12H

American Series AP

  • American AP-15 Series Curves
  • AP-15
  • American AP-22 Series Curves
  • AP-22
  • American AP-33 Series Curves
  • AP-33
  • American AP-44 Series Curves
  • AP-44
  • American AP-56 Series Curves
  • AP-56
  • American AP-67 Series Curves
  • AP-67

American Series APM

  • American APM-15 Series Curves
  • APM-15
  • American APM-22 Series Curves
  • APM-22
  • American APM-33 Series Curves
  • APM-33
  • American APM-44 Series Curves
  • APM-44
  • American APM-56 Series Curves
  • APM-56
  • American APM-67 Series Curves
  • APM-67

Pumps and pump parts offered for sale by Liberty Process Equipment, Inc. are made in the United States, Germany, India, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

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