Our Progressive Cavity Pumps

Progressive Cavity Pump

Liberty Process Equipment carries over 11 different styles of Progressive Cavity Pumps for your use representing multiple industries and applications. From industrial wastewater pumps to pumps for slurry mixes and thickened agents to food grade sanitary pumps, Metering and Dosing Pumps and Hopper-Style Progressive Cavity Pumps for Wine Must and Mash Tun removal Liberty Process Equipment has the pump or pump parts you require to keep your operation working.

Liberty Process Equipment is also a direct supplier to the Fracking and Well Drilling Industries with our Fracking Pumps and Fracking Pump Parts. Liberty Process Equipment Aftermarket Pump Parts work with all the most popular brands of Progressive Cavity Pumps available today.

When to Use a Progressive Cavity Pump

The Progressive Cavity Pump is an extremely versatile pump that can be used in many different pumping applications. It offers all the advantages of a positive displacement pump and is specially designed for abrasion resistance in tough pumping applications.

All Our Progressive Cavity Pump Lines

Liberty Process American Series Pump

American Series Progressive Cavity Wobble Stator Pumps

The American Pump Series from Liberty Process Equipment offers the best value available on the pump market for a progressive cavity wobble stator pump for flows up to 53 GPM and pressures up to 150 psi.

American Series Features

  • Low Pulsation & Shear
  • Solids Handling
  • Viscous Liquids
Liberty Process Freedom Series Pump

Freedom Series Progressive Cavity Sanitary Pumps

The Freedom Series is your best choice for sanitary Progressive Cavity Pump applications. Designed for food-grade installation, this pump uses the performance of the Liberty Series with sanitary parts with a range up to 125 GPM.

Freedom Series Features

  • Modular Design
  • Easy Assembly/Disassembly
  • Simple Pin Joint Design
Liberty Process Justice Series Pump

Justice Series Open Hopper Progressive Cavity Pumps

The Justice Series Open Hopper Progressive Cavity Pump represents an ideal pumping solution for viscous solutions with high solids contents such as slurries, wine must, polymers, pulp and paper and adhesives and other low-flowable pumping mediums with a range of 0-293 GPM.

Justice Series Features

  • High Solids Content
  • Heavy-duty Auger
Liberty Process Liberty Series Pump

Liberty Series Progressive Cavity Pumps

The Liberty Series of Progressive Cavity Pumps are an ideal low-costing pumping unit for abrasive pumping applications like slurry mixtures and sludge's from 0-391 GPM.

Liberty Series Features

  • Drilling Mud
  • Ground Water Remediation
  • Polymer Feed
  • Replacement parts for the Liberty Series work with Moyno®, Tarby®, Continental®, and Roper® brand pumps
Liberty Process ADPL / ADBPL Series Pump

ADPL / ADBPL Series Progressive Cavity Metering Pumps

The ADPL and ADBPL Series of small Progressive Cavity Pumps from Liberty Process Equipment offers an ideal solution to many low-flow pumping applications that require high accuracy in volume control at an affordable price with a range of 0.02 - .80 GPM.

ADPL / ADBPL Series Features

  • Pulsation Free Flow
  • Viscosities up to 20,000 CP
  • Close-Coupled Design
Liberty Process ANPL / ANBPL Series Pump

ANPL / ANBPL Progressive Cavity Metering Pumps

The ANPL and ANBPL Series of Progressive Cavity Metering and Dosing Pump is available in 3 sizes and 2 and 4 stages for flows up to 9.5 GPM and pressures to 300 PSI.

ANPL / ANBPL Series Features

  • Dosing Pump
  • Close-Coupled Design
Liberty Process Millennium Series Pump

Millennium Series Wastewater and Industrial Progressive Cavity Pumps

The Millennium Series of Progressive Cavity Pumps from Liberty Process Equipment is ideal for heavy and abrasive sludge's, greases and polymers in sewage and industrial plants as well as oil, paper and mining needs with a range of 0 -788 GPM.

Millennium Series Features

  • Heavy & Abrasive Sludges
  • Greases & Slurries
  • Paper & Mining
Liberty Process SWGL Pump

SWGL Series Progressive Cavity Pumps

The SWGL Series is a traditional heavy-duty series of pumps with the same stator as the Liberty series of of pumps, but offered additionally with heavy-duty gear joints. This pump series is an ideal solution for sewage treatment sludge handling applications. Flow Range is 58 - 391 GPM.

SWGL Series Features

  • Heavy-Duty
  • Sewage Treatment Sludge Handling Applications
  • Optional Mechanical Seals

Pumps and pump parts offered for sale by Liberty Process Equipment, Inc. are made in the United States, Germany, India, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

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