Progressive Cavity Pumps For Cements & Slurries

Progressive Cavity Pumps for Cements & Slurries

Use of Progressive Cavity pumps for cements and slurries are a common and practical application with thousands of pumps in use daily in a variety of cement-based industries including use with slurries, grouts and liquid clay.

Resistance to abrasive pumping mediums is a large benefit of working with a PC pump, chrome-hardened rotors and hard-rubber stators allow for a constant and consistent non-pulsating flow up to 700+ GPM on your job-site.

Liberty Process Equipment carries both the Millennium Series and the Liberty Series which represent the most popular brand styles in use today with same-day shipping of parts and pumps to keep you working and not waiting for parts.

Liquid Cement

Liberty Process offers our medium duty, Liberty series progressive cavity pumps for liquid cement pumping applications and our heavy duty, Millenium series. Our rugged pump design is offered in 7 pump sizes in the Liberty series with flows to 260 gpm and pressures to 225 PSI. We offer 10 pump sizes from our inventory with flows up to 1380 gpm. We stock both cast iron and stainless steel construction our hardened rotor is made in tool steel and hard chrome plated.

Lime Slurry

The Liberty series of progressive cavity pump is ideal for pumping lime slurries. Supplied with hardened steel rotors with hard chrome plating for longer service life. Our shaft seal is fitted with flush connections and flush ring to extend shaft seal service life.

Calcium Carbonate Slurry

Our Millennium series of progressive cavity pumps is ideal for pumping calcium carbonate slurries. Our sealed universal joint is designed for long pump service life with minimal maintenance. We offer 10 pump sizes from our inventory with flows up to 1380 gpm. We stock both cast iron and stainless steel construction.

Liquid Clay Slurry

Liberty Process offers our Liberty series of progressive cavity pumps for pumping clay slurries up to 260 gpm. For higher flows we offer our millennium series up to 1380 GPM. Both pump designs are fitted with wear resistant parts and are stocked in our inventory.


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