Progressive Cavity Pumps For Agriculture

Progressive Cavity Pumps for Agricultural

One of today's largest areas of growth is in the fields of progressing cavity pumps for agricultural needs. The flexibility of the pc pumps design coupled to the low-operability cost and readily available spare parts makes progressive cavity pumps for agricultural applications a great match.

For applications as varied as organic fertilizer pumping on farms where solids pumping capability is a must, to standard mixed liquid fertilizers a progressive cavity pump offers a superior non-pulsating flow that makes any fertilizer application easier and more consistent.

Other farm needs such as irrigation applications are also capable with the progressive cavity pump once again showing its versatility in farm pumping applications.

Another exciting new area of PC pump application is in the fields of Hydroseeding and Erosion control. A Progressive cavity pumps solids capability coupled to its gentle pumping action doesn't harm the seed and allows for a consistent pressure to be achieved.

Organic Fertilizers

The Liberty Pump series progressive cavity pump is the ideal pump solution for pumping organic fertilizer. Our rugged pump design can also be driven by electric motors, hydraulic motors and PTO. The Liberty pump can handle large solids and varying viscosities. We offer (7) sizes of pumps in cast iron and stainless steel from our inventory along with hydraulic drive motors. Pumps are offered with ANSI suction flanges or NPT threaded and NPT threaded discharge.

Liquid Fertilizers

The American pump series is commonly used for pumping liquid fertilizers. The accurate flow and ability to pump easily with varying discharge pressures make this a great choice for liquid fertilizer. We offer the American series in cast iron and stainless steel along with Buna stators and Viton stators for more corrosive fertilizers. The American pump series is in our inventory in both long coupled and close coupled versions for mounting with NEMA C face. Suction and discharge connections are NPT threaded.


Liberty offer the American series for irrigation pumping applications up to 50 gpm. For more than 50 gpm we offer the Liberty series pump for irrigation up to 325 gpm. Liberty progressive cavity pumps can easily lift liquid on the suction side up to 28 feet and then pump against discharge pressures up to 225 psi making them a versatile choice for irrigation pumping applications.

Hydro Seeding

The Liberty series progressive cavity pump is commonly used for truck mounted hydroseeding pumping. The ability to pump high solid content hydro seed slurries and also gently pump grass seeds without damage and pump against discharge pressures up to 225 psi make the Liberty pump the ideal pump solution for hydroseeding. We offer (7) pump sizes in cast iron and stainless steel from our inventory. We also stock hydraulic drive motors.

Errosion Control

Liberty series progressive cavity pumps can handle all your erosion control pumping. Wood fiber slurries and polymer type coagulants used to stop erosion are easily pumped by the Liberty series progressive cavity pumps. We offer (7) sizes of pumps available for immediate shipment from our inventory. We offer direct mounted hydraulic drives from our inventory and will pre-mount them onto our Liberty pumps so they are ready for use when you receive them.


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